Established in 1980, Chunjin Chemtec has formed long term partnerships with leading
chemical and rubber companies such as RT. Vanderbilt, Flexsys, MLPC, D.O.G.,
Taminco, Performance Additives, and Southland Rubber. Chunjin Chemtec was the
first company in Korea to procure special rubber products such as MEGAPOLY(MG),
SUPERPOLY, and TPCIX (PALE CREPE), and currently imports over 400 different
rubber and chemical products for Korean customers. By procuring the right chemical
and rubber solutions from the U.S., Europe, and natural rubber producing countries,
Chunjin Chemtec has become the preferred and reliable source
of chemical and rubber ingredients for many Korean manufacturers Chunjin Chemtec
has a strict quality assurance management system that begins with the R&D Center,
located in Seoul. In addition, Chunjin Chemtec operates its own independent logistics
center in Gumi, which has helped customers reduce their need for supply stocks
and served to guarantee timely delivery of ingredients.

Best quality and good price are the business standards that Chunjin Chemtec has
continuously strived to uphold, and this philosophy has helped Chunjin Chemtec and
its partners grow together.

Chunjin Chemtec has been selectively expanding its product portfolios and customer
networks, while actively pursuing a long term sustainable growth that adheres to
environmentally friendly and socially sustainable business solutions.

Mission Statement
Chunjin Chemtec Co., Ltd will achieve sustainable growth in the Chemical Distribution business, by becoming the most trusted, reliable, and knowledgeable business partner to our customers and suppliers. We will do so by continuously striving to provide
a comprehensive line of quality raw materials, superior sales representation, and the highest level of customer and supplier services.
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